Today we collected watermelons!

Today we collected watermelons! The confinement and its consequent isolation have not prevented our garden from growing! The garden project started with the goal of being self-sufficient as much as possible with fruits and vegetables. As we save on food, little ones learn the value of effort and perseverance, and collecting the fruits and vegetables … Read more

Eid’s Day

Today is the end of the Ramadan fast, Eid. And the children celebrate it by wearing new clothes, just like at Christmas. In Anidan, same as in Lamu children of different religions and origins coexist and since they are small we teach them to respect and celebrate together all the religious celebrations.Eid Mubarak rafiki!    … Read more

In these tough times

They carry us in their hearts and we have been their hope for years. Today they send us all their support and love.

Help for families in times of pandemic

While the schools continue closed due to the lockdown decreed by # covid_19 Anidan continues giving out relief food one more month to the day scholar families. The schools not only guaranteed an education but also at least one daily meal. Also their precarious economies have been reduced by lockdown. Together we will move forward.

Little artists

Art in Anidan has become an important part of their education, not only to develop their creative capacity, but also for other feelings and previous experiences that otherwise it is difficult for our little ones to share.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀All thanks to the collaboration of Kids create kenya and #corriewingate Picture by #aswaduhuru

Thank you Accenture

Again in 2019 we have had the collaboration of @ accenture.spain employees through the #FundacionAccenture. For us, having this financial support is very important and allows us to meet the educational expenses of our children, which for Anidan is first priority Thank you Asante sana

New Makuti

It is not easy to recognize our main building without its characteristic Makuti (at this point I cannot believe that you do not know what a Makuti is). It seems naked, isn´t it? I assure you that the work of those who renew the makutis is not easy either, but the Mijikenda are true experts … Read more

Who make it possible?

Do you know who makes Anidan possible? All of you that follow us on FB or Instagram and share Anidan’ project with family and friends. Of course, each of those who collaborate economically, regardless of whether the amount contributed is greater or less. Also those who work in Anidan in Spain and in Anidan Italy, … Read more

Overwhelmed Health Workers

Dear friends, the concern in Lamu grows as COVID progresses and the healthcare workers complain about their common infections, among other things due to the lack of individual protection equipment and other means to deal with the pandemic. Meanwhile the population partially believes that the new virus is only a rumor, generated to attract funds … Read more

In loving memory of Mama Agnes

Sometimes life gives us just that, a life. But not just any life, a life that enriches us, helps us to be better, to grow as humans. At Anidan we have had the immense luck to enjoy Mama Agnes’ courage, dedication and love for years. Now we have to continue working so that what was … Read more