Happy Mother’s Day!

Many of Anidan’s children have lost their mothers, but they have their grandmothers, and also the matrons at Anidan who teach, educate and care for them in our home. Congratulations.

We are anticipating the COVID-19

Our Hospital Pablo Horstmann of Anidan is anticipating the COVID-19 pandemic, taking all the protective measures and training health personnel according to international protocols.

New Moon premiere

There is no better plan for this Sunday than travelling to Lamu from your sofa while you contribute to Anidan! At 6:30 pm CEST the great documentary «New Moon» will be screened and there will be a Q&A with the director @philippandisiherrmann who has decided to donate half of the proceeds to our (her) house. … Read more

Day against child labor

In the International Day against child labor we feel more proud than ever of our work. We rescue children in danger of labor exploitation so that they have a childhood first, and then a future thanks to the education we provide them.

Thank you Proyecto Amanecer

Help starts coming! Thank you very much for your help to @ong.proyectoamanecer and to all of you that give us a helping hand in the current situation.

Together we can!

In Anidan we are closer than ever to our family in Spain and Italy, with our eyes on you and wishing that everything gets back to normal soon. Together we can!

Sleep Safely

Lala salama they say in Lamu. It means «sleep safely» «sleep protected». In Anidan, the main of our challenges is that our kids feel safe and protected. Thanks to your help, they sleep safely knowing that everything is going to be allright.

Thanks for being there

In Kenya there are four confirmed coronavirus cases, how many will there actually be? The government has closed schools and universities, although they have not yet limited citizens’ mobility. We are very lucky, our hospital has designed a specific plan for ANIDAN to try to avoid infections, because the health of our children (and our … Read more

The hospital is preparing

In the Hospital we are updating the covid19 protocol adding new points for handwashing at the entrance of Anidan and at different points of the hospital, providing soaps and antiseptic solutions for workers, patients and family members. The triage will take place outdoors I order to keep on assessing care priorities ensuring the distancing of … Read more

Thank you!!

Due to the school closings and curfews enacted in Kenya, Anidan feeds 88 children and 34 staff members who are confined in our house. Besides, Anidan started giving meals to 85 families in Lamu, those whose children are awarded scholarships by Anidan, and 69 families from Manda Maweni, a neighboring island that is one of … Read more