Overwhelmed Health Workers

Dear friends, the concern in Lamu grows as COVID progresses and the healthcare workers complain about their common infections, among other things due to the lack of individual protection equipment and other means to deal with the pandemic. Meanwhile the population partially believes that the new virus is only a rumor, generated to attract funds or increase control over the population.

The economic crisis as result of the pandemic gets us back to times of hunger and poverty. For this reason Anidan has opened an emergency fund to help around 230 families among the most affected, whose survival is even more threatened.

We still need EUR 16,000 to be able to assist them at least until January, when we expect aspects such as tourism and others to be activated again. The shortages have led us to establish a very basic and scarce food’s fund. Please follow the link below in case you want to help us and you have not yet done so:



Thank you from the heart for helping us. Hugs and best wishes from your children and the entire Anidan team.

Little artists

Art in Anidan has become an important part of their education, not only to develop their creative capacity, but also for other feelings and previous

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