Who make it possible?

Do you know who makes Anidan possible?

All of you that follow us on FB or Instagram and share Anidan’ project with family and friends.

Of course, each of those who collaborate economically, regardless of whether the amount contributed is greater or less.

Also those who work in Anidan in Spain and in Anidan Italy, if only for being able to channel so many efforts towards Lamu and our amazing Lamu team. They are responsible of moving forward day by day and educating our children by example. These women and these men who appear in the picture are the key to the success of the project

Thank you Accenture

Again in 2019 we have had the collaboration of @ accenture.spain employees through the #FundacionAccenture. For us, having this financial support is very important and

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Sleep Safely

Lala salama they say in Lamu. It means «sleep safely» «sleep protected». In Anidan, the main of our challenges is that our kids feel safe

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Unstoppable Creativity

Unstoppable Creativity Covid lockdown has prevented Anidan kids from continuing to go to their schools and universities to fulfill their dreams but it has not

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